Safe, Clean, Affordable Water.

For You. For Your Kids. Not for Profit.

Mission-Driven, Wholesale Regional Water Service and an Easy Path to Make It Happen.

Our Pledge to You:

Better service, lower rates through state-of-the-art cooperative regional solutions.

Water that is cleaner and safer, better than government health and safety requirements.

Smart regional water policy: Doing what's best for now and for your next generations.

Equitable water policy: Doing what's right to meet the water needs and challenges of all people; no "winners or losers" within a region of cooperating neighbors.

Rigorous local accountability to you, the towns and communities we serve, our partners in making regional solutions happen.

Lower cost of capital and tax advantage on capital financing and on all expenditures.

Squeezing the maximum impact out of every dollar of capital expenditure.

Building "smart systems" using latest tech and developing new tech to advance system efficiency and effectiveness.

Environmental justice: Doing what's right and good for the environment in our region, no solutions that create problems for neighbors.

Economies of scale and operational efficiency, "best in the industry" standards.


Big Hairy Audacious Goal

Solve the U.S. smaller system water infrastructure crisis through a national mission driven non-profit organization.

Build state-of-the-art regional water system solutions to provide affordable wholesale service to our customers: independent community water systems.

Provide governance and finance programs that overcome barriers to regional cooperation and maximize the impact of investment.

"Better and Stronger Through Cooperation With Neighbors."

The Water System Prototype

EJ Water Logo

EJ Water is the prototype model water system for our effort to make a difference in smaller community water systems management nationwide. 

EJ Water is a not-for-profit water cooperative based out of Dieterich, Illinois, a rural farm town. As a co-op it has no shareholders or investors, it is run by the ratepayers. It only exists to provide excellent, affordable service to its customers, and support the vitality of the communities it serves. It has great leadership under Bill Teichmiller, a nationally recognized leader in the water industry and Board Chair of EJ Water Trust. From humble beginnings 30 years ago, EJ Water has developed into a multi-county system, serving more than 11,000 members, with more than 3,000 miles of main, and serving a population of over 75,000 people. EJ Water has proven that it knows how to help rural communities collaborate on state-of-the-art regional solutions.

EJ Water is a leading innovator within the water utility space and is proud to have been twice a winner of the Illinois Best Tasting Water Award, a finalist at the 2019 Global Water Awards in London, a recipient of the Effingham Chamber's 2019 Business in Excellence Award, and winner of the 2019 U.S. Water Prize in Non-Profit Innovation.

EJ Water Trust is dedicated to providing regional water system solutions that help ensure the future prosperity of your community.

For you, your kids, not for profit. 

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